Thursday, November 30, 2006

Python Tip: Make Python & Emacs Play Nice on Windows

I've discovered that making Python 2.4.4 work well under Emacs 22 on Windows has a few speed bumps. I'm not sure if these problems apply to other combinations of versions, but they may. Here's a list of things I had to do to make for a happy working environment.

To Run Python in Emacs
To Run Using Pychecker
  • Download the pychecker package
  • Decompress it and go to the extracted folder in a Command Prompt
  • In that folder, run the command python setup.py install
  • Use C-c C-v to run the python code loaded in the current buffer with pychecker
Unresolved Problems (I'm Working on These, Be Patient)
  • It seems that the debugger (pdb) is set up differently with Python 2.4.4 under Windows than other configurations. Consequently, Emacs' calls to pdb are all wrong.
  • When the Python interpreter is loaded into Emacs, it appears to be in a text-only mode. Running programs with graphics does not seem to work.


  1. Did you ever get the python debugger working under emacs?

  2. No, I've never found the time to investigate that one further.

    Since it's been a long time since I've used Windows for anything, I don't think I'll likely return to that problem anyways.