Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Fixed My Logitech Bluetooth Mouse

I really do like my Logitech Bluetooth mouse. It's great to have a wireless mouse that does not eat up a USB port on my MacBook. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks it started performing poorly. The cursor was dragging around slowly and jumping a lot.

Crud. I figured it must be due to one of the major Leopard updates. But, no one else on the Internet seems to have a similar problem. Could it be that there's a physical fault developing in my mouse? I hope not. The M-RBB93 is a hard to find model: it's not flashy or expensive enough to warrant a shelf spot among the 27-button MS über-mice.

After a few weeks of hunting for an answer, I discovered the problem! I leaned in a bit closer to my mouse and realised that my mouse pad had a nice layer of mouse turds. There was simply enough gunk built up from the last few years to throw off the mouse's laser.

The problem was easily fixed by taking a washcloth to my mouse pad. Now, my mouse works like new again. It's nice to know that sometimes a simple solution is still the best fix.

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  1. Had the same problem, couldn't understand why... read this, blew some dust of the laser thingy - and voilà. mouse works like a charm!