Monday, August 11, 2008

Google Pages is Closing; Google Sites is Open

I've been using Google Pages to host some odds and ends.  Mostly, I've only used it for static content that isn't easily stored on this Blogger site.  However, Google has decided to depricate the Pages service in favour of the Google Sites service.  Google has posted an explanation.

I'll have to move my stuff.  That's OK.  I wasn't enamoured with Google Pages, but it was as good as any place for some free webspace.  Google Sites has a better interface and is generally easier to use, though the structure of the content is far less flexible.  I prefer ease over flexibility anyways.

Over the next while, my miscellaneous stuff that was over at my Google Page will move to my Google Site.  Generally, this is a non-issue, except that my current résumé is now moved.

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